Mexican Indian Training Center (MITC), founded in 1956, exists to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, preparing individuals called to serve God and assist the works that develop as a result of this ministry. MITC concentrates on, but is not limited to, rural areas of southern Mexico.

General Methods Used to Accomplish The Purpose

1. Bible School
2. Missionaries and Mission Churches
3. Medical Missions

Bible School

The purpose of the school in Cordoba is to assist in the Spiritual, Biblical, and Personal development of persons who feel led to serve God as pastors or missionaries. This is accomplished through classes, jobs, missions, personal relationships, conferences, and camps.

The school has a four (4) year curriculum. There is no tuition or charge for room or board, but the students are required to work about 3 hours per day. This work helps offset the cost of their education. The garden and animal projects help provide the students the opportunity to have responsibility as well as learn to work for, with and over others.

All who graduate do so after a year of actual experience of sharing and teaching God’s Word. About every five weeks of class, a “missions week” is scheduled. The students leave Cordoba in one’s or two’s to work in our missions. This may involve pastoring a mission that does not have a regular pastor or assisting the missionary pastor who is serving at the mission. Students often spend the week visiting and evangelizing in the village where the mission is located or in neighboring villages. The final year of both curricula is a year of on the job training as a full-time missionary at one of our mission churches. The school currently has approximately 80 students. The personal relationship between the staff and students is considered vital in the students’ development. Instructors and students not only have class together, but they work, eat, play, and live side by side. Since most of the students come from distant or hard to get to places and slow mail is often the only means of communication with family; the student/staff relationship is very important.

In addition to classes on the curriculum, special conferences are held several times a year. These teachings are often brought by pastors and teachers invited from the United States. The themes and speakers vary. Often leaders in mission churches also attend the intense week or weekend teachings. MITC also sponsors a one-week summer camp for youth. Students provide much of the work, leadership, and energy to make it happen. The camp gives the students another opportunity to learn and the campers hear the Gospel, have a good time, get some Bible teaching, and are exposed to MITC. We look forward to seeing some campers return as students.