Missionaries and Mission Churches

MITC helps support many different sizes and types of Christian works in Mexico. The mission employs six full-time missionaries and supplies student missionaries and some funding to another 36 mission churches. Many of the mission churches are affiliated through MITC’s Berean Church Fellowship. School staff members assist or pastor in six more different churches. Staff members also provide conferences, substitute preaching and gospel films several times per month wherever and just about whenever requested. Below is a list of several of the mission churches and a few comments pertaining to the individual church:

Mission Church List

San Pedro la Alianza “Emanuel”
Mr. Maximo Cruz, Catechist of the Catholic Church in town, heard of some “evangelist” in the nearby village of Tlacoatzintepec. He went to check out the situation and was convicted by the testimony of several who had been converted, and in 1970 he began having Bible studies in a home conducted by MITC alumni. There are over 35 baptized members and David Olivera, MITC alumni and native of LaAlianza, is presently the pastor.

San Felipe Usila “Juan 3:16”
The first converts in this village were in 1969. Since then the work has grown amidst tremendous difficulties, however, there are many faithful brethren in this place. Brother Jose Ortega is the leader in this village. Students, during missions week, help with the ministry of this church.

Santo Tomas Texas “Cristo Vive”
There is a large and faithful group of brethren in this village presently visited by MITC students every missions week. Brother Felix Ortiz and Buenaventura Pascal are the leaders of this church.

Palantla “El Divino Maestro”
Several years ago, missionaries from MITC arrived at this village during a visit of the Chinanteco region sharing the Gospel as they traveled, thus the church began. Presently, there are 25 members meeting in the house of the church leader, Lucio Antonio. Students from MITC are sent each “missions week” to help with the ministry with the ladies and children and to preach in Palantla.

Vega del Sol “Filadelfia”
Daniel Antionio is one of the first converts in this village after several medical visits treating the sick. Dr. Hall first visited Vega in 1957. Geronimo Castro is the leader in this church and year of practice student, Judith Pascal, is the missionary helping with the teaching of women, children, and visitation.

Arroyo Limon “Shalom”
In 1985, Brother Juan Julian opened his home for Bible studies and in 1987 MITC built a church building and sent a pastor. Presently, there are nine families in the church and they are visited by two MITC students every missions week. Gabriel Manuel is the leader of the congregation and year of practice student, Teodora Bartolome is the missionary helping with the teaching of women, children, and visitation.
LaFuente Misteriosa “Elim”
This work was begun through the medical and dental visits to the home of Jose Quintero, who later would become the leader of the church. Presently, there are approximately 40 members and they are pastored by Noe Soto, and by MITC students during the “missions weeks.”

Rio Manzo “Monte de los Olivos”
There are 37 members in this congregation. The work started in 1975 with studies in a house, now they have their building and MITC student. The leader in this village is Brother Isaias Cardosa.

San Juan Carrizo
This work started as a mission of the church in Rio Manzo, led many years ago by Brethren Guillermo Fuentes and Eleazar Barajas. Presently, there are seven families in this congregation and they are pastored by Carlos Hernandez, MITC student in his year of practice. The local leader is a blind brother named Alejandro.

Tuxtepec “Peniel”
Church begun in 1981 through the ministry of MITC alumnus, Tomas Olvera. Presently pastored by MITC graduate, Josias Tun Tah. MITC students in year of practice help with the ministries in the church of approximately 80 members.

Tuxtepec “Rios de Agua Viva”
The leaders are Lucio Ramirez and Margarito Medina. This ministry began in 1996 as these two shared the Gospel with their relatives and began services in Lucio’s house. Presently they are visited by MITC students during missions week.

Mogone Viejo “Jesus De Nazaret”
This church has been attended periodically by students and full-time missionaries from MITC. There are about 60 members. The pastor of this church is MITC graduate, Brother Felix Castanon.

Encinal Colorado “Monte de los Olivos”
They began hearing the gospel in 1961. In 1973, they built their church building and began to be visited by MITC missionaries. Today, there are over 65 brethren. An MITC student, Victoriano Castanon, in his year of practice, is now their full-time missionary pastor.

San Juan Guichicovi “El Remanente”
There are 29 members in this mission that began in September, 1991 through the work of Brother Victor Castanon who is presently the pastor. Mission is also visited by MITC students during missions week. Berenice Mosso is the missionary helping with the teaching of women, children, and visitation.

Cordoba “Belen”
This work began almost ten years ago by door to door evangelism in the poorest part of the city. This was done primarily by Moises Torres, MITC teacher, and assisted by several MITC students from the beginning until now. The church has over 250 in regular attendance. Alumni, Jessica Contreras, is working in the Sunday School classes of the church.

Tezonapa “Belen”
This mission is an offspring of the ministry of Belen Church and has received ministry of MITC students, as well as brethren from Belen Church.

Orizaba “Belen”
New work started in the home of two new converts. Presently, 15 meeting for services in their home and soon to be pastored by Noe Soto.

Cordoba, the Torch Church “Ebenezer”
In 1994, begun by second year students in one of the poorest areas of Cordoba known then as a squatter’s village. The first pastor was Noe Serralde and also the leader of the second year class who share the Gospel in this area. Presently pastored by Daniel Hernandez, MITC teacher and alumni. There are now 35 members and the church building is under construction.

Began in June, 1998 during a youth group visit and children’s program and evangelization by Noe Serralde and Fernando Martinez. Presently there are five families in this congregation. There have also begun another Bible study group in a town close by named Dos Rios.

State of Guerrero
In this area there are 70 missions which have resulted from the work of MITC students. Most of this has been started in the last 15 years. We currently have three students in their year of practice in the villages of Villa del Guadalupe, Cienega del Sauce and Llano Chico.

This mission church has been pastored by MITC students since five years ago. Under their leadership they have recently opened a new mission two hours away. Presently 3rd year student, Adiel Huichin is the preacher at this church.

Started in 2003, while Tito Aguilar (third year student) worked in Tequila. This mission has now over 30 in attendance and we have a student now from this mission.