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April 2010 Newsletter

April 2010 MITC April Newsletter
Dear James,
"For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even beyond death." Psalms 48:14.

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." John 11:25
Don Beto Medinilla
  Don Beto
Don Beto Medinilla, was one of the first Christians in the village of Usila. Soona fter his conversion and as his faith in the Lord Jesus became evident to all in the area, the once mayor of Usila suffered the stoning of his house for hours by angry townsmen. His fellow Chinanteco brethren felt betrayed because he renounced idolatry and the common sinful lifestyle of the place, were trying to make him recant and turn back to the old ways. But Don Beto's new faith was rooted in the Rock of our salvation and he continued to believe and serve Jesus Christ. Soon the Gospel was received by other and they began meeting in Don Beto's house, which became the Usila Church. To testify of his new life in Christ, he poured out a storehouse full of beer and liquor and used the empty bottles to make a monument in his back yard. There were no half-way thoughts in this man. God used him to bring Luis Pacheco, a Catholic priest, to a living and true faith in Jesus, and was also instrumental in spreading the Gospel to at least fifteen other villages in his region. His home was also the place where we stayed, at, and had medical and dental clinics for many, many years. His home and heart were always open to those who served the Lord Jesus. Two years ago, we received word that he was very ill and that preparations were being made for his funeral. But he got well. And when we were back in Usila for a Bible Conference a few weeks later, we were greeted by Don Beto who then said, "Hermano Dan (Brother Dan), don't call me Beto anymore, call me "Lazarus", because the Lord raised me up from my deathbed so that I can go share the Gospel with some people in a nearby village." He shared the need of salvation with every friend and relative he could. We visited with Beto a few weeks ago as we heard again the news of his deteriorating health. I asked him, "Beto, you know that the Lord is our Shepherd and He will lead us even beyond death." He replied, "Dan, Our God is a great God, of course I know He is with me always. I am ready to see Him." The Lord finally called Don Beto home on April 6th of 2010. He was known by believers and non-believers alike as one who served Christ faithfully and lived the Gospel to the end of his days. We thank God for blessing us with the life of this special Chinanteco servant and dear brother in the faith.
Campus Projects
We continue with projects here on campus, as the time has come for the complete overhaul of the mission kitchen. It has served us well for many years, but needs a good facelift. We are restructuring the sewage, water, gas and power. Hopefully, this will make it more functional and sanitary for all the food preparation that is done. During certain events, we serve meals that feed over 600 people. So we pray that this will be a blessing for our cooks, Regina and Luisa, and of course for all those who eat here every day of the year. Also, we are working on a new classroom facility to help with the increased number of students, especially in the Saturday Seminary program. We look forward to our summer visiting teams who will help us with manpower and materials to get these things done.

(Photo: New classroom)

Our Growing Community
We were blessed by the visit of Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Moore and a group of brethren from Christ Fellowship from Shreveport, LA. We were blessed as Tommy shared with us from the Word of God and as the team did some hard work digging the trenches and helping with the masonry work for the new sewage lines for the kitchen. The fellowship with these young adults was sweet and during their stay, we visited the church of Pancho, one of our alumni pastors. It was a special invitation to go to a baptismal service at his village up in the mountains two hours from here. Pancho graduated a few years ago and he presently pastors the church up in Cruz Verde. He also does masonry work here on the compound to help with his support and to help Brother Freddy with our building projects, on and off campus.

(Photo: Pancho, alumni pastor)

Mixe Region Bible Conference
  Gildardo, Felix, and Dan
Chuy and I had the blessing of visiting the Mixe region for a weekend Bible conference with the church leaders from that area. Brothers Victor, Felix, and Gildardo continue to work among seven churches in the area and have a group of men that have shown leadership gifts and good testimony and are in continual training for pastoral roles. Felix has started a youth choir among the Mixe and they share the Gospel through public presentations. God is at work in a special way in the area and we are thankful for the lives of these leaders. Gildardo and Felix are both former graduates from MITC Bible School. Please continue to pray for the Lord's strength and blessing for this part of the ministry.

Once again, thank you so much for your faithful prayers and loving support. May the Lord Jesus receive glory and honor.

Yours in His grace,
Dan & Chuy Hall

(Photo: Gildardo, Felix, and Dan)

Want to come help?
  MITC april
(Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Moore)

Want to come help out? Contact David Bryant at mitcenter@bellsouth.net.

Dr. Robert Bernard Black Dan Hall, David J. Bryant and MITC Board of Directors
Mr. & Mrs. George Gorsulowsky Dr. & Mrs. David Gorsulowsky
Dr. Robert Bernard Black Dr. & Mrs. John Preskitt
Mr. Justin Bloxom Dr. & Mrs. W.H. Worley
Ms. Kayla Matthews Ms. Taylor Coffman
Mrs. Mildred Cotten David & Ruth Bryant
Mrs. Nell Hall Dr. & Mrs. W.H. Worley
Mrs. Mary McConnell Steve & Sherri Patton
Dr. Fred Gray Dr. & Mrs. W.H. Worley
Dr. W.H. Worley Jimmy & Vicki Crow
Dr. Gary Chumley Jimmy & Vicky Crow



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