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August 2010 Newsletter

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August 2010 MITC August Newsletter
  Dear James,

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.
1 Peter 2:9

Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.
Philippians 1:11.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16

To give God glory and to show forth His praises is our purpose and goal. We can do this because of the new life we have in Jesus Christ. His Spirit empowers us, his children, even though we are frail humans, to do this awesome task of shining for GOD in this present world! What a great privilege we have. God gave us many opportunities to share of Him during the weeks this summer.

Meche & Liz

Meche and Liz are two of our young lady students that are shining in a special way. Meche is a Mixe girl that was born in a home and family with many problems and abuses because of sin and unbelief. God began to work on her circumstances when she was adopted by her uncle, Brother Victor Castanon (missionary in Magone in the Mixe region). In that home, she came to know Jesus and grew up with a desire to serve God.

Overcoming serious problems with her eyesight, language barriers and a lack of formal education, she came to study here at the Bible school. She graduated and has been a missionary to the Mixe churches for the last several years. Her testimony of love for the Lord is indeed great! This past month, she married a fine Christian young man from Puebla. We had the blessing of participating in the wedding and afterward meeting several people from Magone, who have come to know the Lord as a result of her ministry in that area. As she and Samuel move to Puebla to live and work with the local church, we know she will continue to shine for the Lord.

(Photo: Meche & Samuel)


Liz is a second year student who has already made quite an impact due to her love and service for the Lord. She came to study here right after she graduated from dental school, having a strong desire to serve Christ in every way possible. Feeling the need to prepare for a ministry as a dental missionary, she has enrolled in the Bible school, coming to classes in the morning and working in her clinic in the afternoons (quite a full schedule!). God gave her the blessing of meeting Eric, from the Youth Choir in Orizaba, and they were married this past month here on campus. Liz helps with visiting dental teams and with many of the dental needs of our students and staff. We thank God for these lives that are giving Him glory.

(Photo: Liz & Eric)

Spreading the Word
  Dr. Belcher

God's gospel was preached and His love physically shared in twenty-five different towns by medical teams from Brookwood Baptist Church and Broadmoor Baptist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana. Each day during the two weeks with these brethren, we visited towns and villages to give medical consults, medicines, clothing, toys, and shared the Word with all those coming to the clinics.

It was a special blessing to go to some areas where there were no evangelical church of believers, sharing with the people for the first time about God's salvation. In other areas, the work done by the doctors and teams reinforced the witness of the local church and missions. Heading up the team from Brookwood was the mission's Pastor Donny Lee and Dr. Jeff German. Preaching for the services during the week with the Broadmoor team was Pastor Chuck Pourcieau, and coordinating the trip for Broadmoor was Brother Larry Williams, long time friend and veteran of many mission trips to MITC. Many lives were touched and affected eternally by this time of special services and testimony by these dear brethren.

(Photo: Dr. Belcher at the Medical Clinic)

Vacation Bible School
  VBS Delhi Hills

July is a big month for VBS (Vacation Bible School) here at MITC and our surrounding missions and churches. Our second year class goes out divided into teams to villages in the mountains in Oaxaca. We also have VBS in the churches here in the Cordoba area and a special week of teaching for children here on campus. This last VBS effort here at MITC is aimed at children from our neighborhood whose families do not attend church. Brother Arce is our VBS coordinator here at MITC, organizing all the teams that go out, and he also heads up the week of VBS here on campus.

Again helping him this year, were girls from the mission team at Bible Chapel of Delhi Hills of Cincinnati, Ohio. The last day of class, there were about ninety kids and many mothers. It was a great time as children and adults learned about the virtues of our Lord and Savior. Ana Garcia started a class for the moms that brought their children. They made crafts and had Bible studies while the children were in the VBS. Heading up the group from Bible Chapel were Pastor Kevin Landis and Dan Stout.

While the girls helped with VBS, the men from this group worked here on campus in several maintenance projects and at the El Pochote church project. At El Pochote, they helped place the sewage pipe in the street by the church (no sewage line was available). Working with Pastor Fernando and brethren from Pochote, they accomplished this difficult but necessary project. Hopefully, soon the much needed bathrooms will be up and running at the church. Our hearts were greatly encouraged by the love of these dear brethren from Delhi Hills.

(Photo: Delhi Hills VBS Team)

In Conlusion
  Brandon Hall

Finally, on a personal note, we share with you that our third son, William, has graduated from High School and has now entered his first semester in college in Puebla (about 2 hours away), where he has started his studies in Pre-Medicine. Keep him (and us) in your prayers at this new stage in his life. We pray that he will glorify God with his life.

Thank you for your love and prayers and support for us, as we want to give God glory. May His light shine in all of us every day.

Yours, in His grace,
Dan and Chuy Hall

(Photo: Brandon Hall)

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